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The team at FitLive! is back into the full swing of things after the Xmas break, and working hard to bring you new announcements about what – and who! – you’ll be able to see at the show. Watch this space…….

Meanwhile Leah and Lucie at FitLive! have been attending meetings in a very chilly Antwerp this week. Travelling for work can play havoc with your health & fitness routine – we all know how the freshly baked croissants on tap at the hotel breakfast buffet can be so hard to resist!

But if making the right food choices proves challenging, there will always be 20 minutes to fit in a full body workout – even in the tiniest of hotel rooms you can still do a few jump squats and tricep dips. We threw a couple of power bands into our suitcases too which opened up a whole new workout world….

We always try to walk to meetings too – a great way to orientate yourself around a new city as well as avoiding the inevitable traffic. Although this proved a health hazard in its own right today as those cyclists in Antwerp don’t stop for anyone!

And yes ok, croissants were consumed – but it’s all about balance – right?

Leah & Lucie x